Why microMend?

Safe and consistent closure using microMend
  • Wound gaps are eliminated when using microMend because the microstaples in the devices are placed closer together (a few mm apart) compared to sutures and staples (5-10 mm apart). This reduces the risks of wound gaps and dehiscence and infections, and it produces better cosmetic results.
  • Increases points of contact with the skin along the length of the wound compared to sutures and staples. This reduces concentrated points of tension, which is what causes inflammation and scarring.
  • Wound eversion is easy to achieve, which is critical for avoiding scarring along the wound edges.
  • Tension across the wound is uniform due to the application procedure, which is similar to placing a bandage. In contrast, the tension on the skin when using sutures is variable depending on the technique of the physician. High tension causes tissue strangulation and scarring, and too little tension can cause wound gaps leading to increased risk of infection and scarring.
  • Avoids the "railroad track" appearance, which can result from tight sutures that contact skin surrounding the wound.
  • No tissue damage at wound site because microMend microstaples are adjacent to the wound as opposed to sutures which are placed through the wound.
  • Quality of the closure is not subject to variability related to suturing skill, since microMend is easy to apply like a bandage.
  • microMend closes AND covers the wound so an additional layer of adhesive strips is not necessary as it often is with sutures or staples.
  • No needles are used, eliminating needle-sticks, and the risk of transmissible infections.
Reduced time required for closing when using microMend
  • Studies have documented that application of microMend devices is 3x faster than sutures.
  • Quick application means less time - minutes per patient - required for skin closing after surgical procedures. The time-saving enables potentially more patients to be treated in a practice and increased revenues.
  • The simple process for applying microMend gives the physician the option to delegate closing the skin to a nurse practitioner or physician assistant freeing up physicians to perform more sophisticated and higher paying procedures.
Improved patient experience with microMend
  • More comfortable while being worn than sutures or staples.
  • Suture-less closure promotes healing of repaired incisions with a consistent excellent aesthetic outcome, which is important to the patient and the physician.
  • No pain upon removal in contrast to sutures and staples.
  • More convenient and economical for patients, because microMend devices can be removed by the patient at home per physician recommendation. This eliminates one of the major reasons for a return clinic visit.