Clinical Uses

Use microMend without other wound closure products
  • Primary skin closure of incisions that do not extend below the upper dermis.
  • To extend the duration of closure security AFTER suture or staple removal.
Use microMend in combination with suture or staples
  • Closure of the upper skin layer in which sutures or staples were used for closure of deeper skin layers (e.g. deep dermis).
  • Skin closure as adjunct to sutures or staples for wounds under tension.
Avoid use of microMend for closure of:
  • Non-linear, jagged wounds
  • Incisions/wounds over areas of flexion, such as joints (e.g. knee, elbow).
  • Incisions/wounds where there is limited skin surface, such as the face, fingers, and toes.
  • Incisions/wounds with large amounts of drainage.
  • Wounds in unshaven hairy sites.
  • Wounds in areas subject to moisture build-up, such as axilla and groin.
  • Wounds that are infected, cannot be thoroughly cleaned, or contain a foreign body.